Living Like I Do, Thinking Like I Do, and What Could Be Next.

Haven’t done one of these in a long time.

Free Thinking thats not in tweets.

Welp, here it goes.

  • Waking up at 5:30 in the morning is officially annoying as all hell..but the norm.
  • Early starts are great actually..fuck that last statement.
  • If one of your bosses is a Bob, and a dumbass?..i think thats just how things are ment to be.
  • I have a twitter and a instagram of the same name. @whitey_is_god.
  • I dont think anybody will ever understand how awesome it is to have an over 20,000 song shuffle..Its heaven.
  • Im ready for festival season.
  • Already have my Mad Decent early bird passes, i wish i could give one of them to purpbanga but my people are broke..sorry again.
  • I have money, like not little money…like “lets move out” kind of money.
  • I just bought the DDJ-SX and im already thinking about the SZ that just came out…I have issues.
  • I need more vinyl..and a vinyl player because i have none…still!
  • I wish i could travel with to places other than the east coast.
  • I need love.
  • I wish i could be a better DJ. (i dont want to reach a horizon, i want to reach voyager 2.)
  • Do you ever wonder what it would be like to actually get what you want everyday? i bet even the rich and famous think about this but even they cant achieve it.
  • I was complimented on the fact that i venture away from my town and experience life in other places.
  • I am not white.
  • My gamertag is theevilguysv.
  • Serato and Traktor.
  • I love myself and i love my friends, more importantly i love you.
  • Likewise, i have achieved imperfection..And that is ok.
  • I smile now.
  • Acid House is taking over.
  • I cried when Frankie died, not going to lie.
  • A genreless DJ set is in the works with me and cryomvb.
  • I want to blow minds and pockets.
  • I shiver when i sleep.
  • I work with crazy people.
    I dont do drugs.
  • This might be my last thought, but i dream of a music scene where you dont have to shit on each other for no apparent reason at all on social media.

Hey look i did it.

I am an open book i swear to you.

I love you all.

Everyone is a AK-47au with a silencer.

Good night for now.

Summer Time Is Fucking Here.

I honestly want to do way more this summer.

I did a lot last summer, so basically i want to do the imposible this summer.

Yeah, and i want to bring you guys with me.

Yes..You….Stop fapping that is disturbing.

Im headed to mad decent this year, and i want to know who is down for an epic romp in brooklyn.

Im also spinning parties all summer long, because money is nice.

Who the hell is down?

Overdue Update.

Hopefully I will be dropping this mix today, just in time for the mad decent block party in new york.

Trap, dubstep, good vibes.

…I just need a headphones splitter.