…Fucks Up?

There are certain things i need help with and i really need that advice now.

Il list them below.

  • How do you get latex paint off of a hardwood floor?
  • Beds….Steel frame or wood?
  • Is UPS really hiring?
  • Did anyone actually listen to my OVERDUE mix thats on my soundcloud?
  • Why is Swiss Premium lemonade the most disgusting shit i’ve ever drank in my life?
  • Are big boxes of waffle crisp still in production?
  • If the girl is wet all the time…are her chairs worth sitting in?
  • Did George Lucas and Steven Spielberg actually take turns raping indiana jones?
  • And finally…can Mitt Romney be twice the faggot he already is if he becomes president?

I need a DJ gig so i can think less about all this random ass shit in my life.

I hope this Black Lantern gig goes down..that shit will be super fly.

Well, as these thoughts rage through my head…The crate building begins!